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My ST1 is unusable with control screen flashing “No Batt”. Battery voltage checks out fine showing 39v on my voltmeter. Attempting to narrow in on the problem I put my battery in my friends Stromer ST1 and it functioned normally. Then I connected my control screen to his bike and his bike functioned normally. This rules out any problem with the battery or control screen module.
Next I checked the voltage reading in the 3 prong cable coming from the battery to the motor. I did not get any reading on the voltmeter (zero zip nada).
The next step in the Stromer instructions says to take off battery cover and check connections. This makes little sense to me. Do they mean open the wicket battery compartment or actually take the cover off the battery?
If they mean open the battery compartment there is very little that can be done just by looking inside the battery compartment to evaluate electrical connections. Only the battery connection to the wicket cable can be seen after sliding battery out. Beyond that it would require removal of the hinged wicket door.
Is it likely that my problem is the wicket cable and if so how does one replace the wicket cable????
Thank you so much in advance for your attention to my dilemma.
I am seriously frustrated with the lack of Stromer support and paucity of Stromer dealers near Tucson Az.
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