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The dreaded blank white screen happened to my ST5 today, and I don't have a clue what to do to resolve it.

This is what happened. My insurance company called and wanted the VIN for my bike, so after an hour-long ride, I removed the battery since that's where the VIN is, and when I put the battery back in and closed the door, I turned on the bike and all I got was a white screen. The headlamp and taillight do not go on and my Omni app won't connect with the bike. If I press the on/off button under the top bar and hold it, the screen turns off, but when I press it again to turn it on, all I get is the white screen.

I've read that the issue may be the battery didn't seat properly when I put it back in, but without the screen working, I don't know how to open the battery compartment to reseat the battery.

I put it on the charger and tried the on/off routine above, but the same thing happens -- just a blank white screen. What is interesting is the charger showed the battery charging, and after a couple of hours it showed the charging had completed. It makes me think it's not a battery problem and perhaps the electronics in the screen just went bad.

Any ideas before I just take it to the dealer?
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